Thanksgiving Prayer

This food is the gift of the whole universe—the earth, the sky, and much hard work.

May we live in a way that makes us worthy to receive it.

May we transform our unskillful states of mind, especially our greed.

May we take only foods that nourish us and prevent illness.

We accept this food so that we may realize the path of practice.

-Thich Nhat Hanh

128 Persimmons

We’ve been watching our persimmon tree all summer and today we went out and picked our first harvest.  The limbs on the tree are loaded and we can’t wait to harvest some more.  This winter we are going to have persimmon smoothies and persimmon jelly.  We’ll also can what we aren’t able to use.  In the picture below is 128 persimmons and it doesn’t even look like we touched the tree.  Definitely a lot more persimmons to come.  Please share with us any persimmon recipes that you love in the comment section below.  Happy Picking!!

My response to a question I received on Facebook

How do you think we should deal with terrorists and evil of the world?

That’s a great question. I’ll try to answer it in a number of different ways. We look at “terrorists” and call attention to “their” evil acts, but we neglect the very evil we are committing. Evil is evil, whether it’s acted upon or simply thought of. Both cause harm and hurt people. We like to minimize our evil acts and magnify others. How then should we deal with the man (or our country) in the mirror? With that being said, I do think people need to be held accountable for their evil actions against mankind, but evil doesn’t birth peace but more evil and arrogance and pride and cults, etc. I don’t have a clear cut answer to your question. I do think that love and communication is a good place to start. My prayer is that all people will wake up and see the value of life. The current path we’re on isn’t good and will end up destroying our world. It must stop and I will do what ever I can do help in this matter. May peace and righteousness be our guide and may we all live with happiness….this is my prayer!

Standing with humanity

I stand with humanity. I stand with those who are suffering. I stand with those who are ostracized. I stand for compassion, love and kindness toward all beings. Even those who perpetuate evil acts, I don’t condone their behavior and they need to be held accountable, but they are suffering as well. Their mind is polluted and perverted with dogmas that stand opposed to love. We don’t heal our land by devaluing others. We can and will eventually heal our land, but we must unite. Let’s work together for peace, prosperity and love for all!!